Kohl’s Corporation has paved its way to being one of the best department stores in most states in U.S.A. Starting from small chains of food stores to becoming one of Wisconsin’s biggest department store, Kohl’s Company has made a trademark in providing the people’s needs selling from candies to outdoor equipment and just about everything. Maxwell Kohl, the founder of Kohl’s Corporation, and his family operated and managed the company for years and brought it to heights when it expanded to other parts of the U.S. and also in New England. Now, www.kohls.com stores offer a wide range of nationally recognized products and merchandises; these include high profile brand names, exclusive labels and even goods that are private-banded. Kohl has become one of the largest retailer companies in the United States ranking at number 20 in terms of revenue in 2013 and was known as the second largest department store, also in the United States, according to retail sales.

Kohl provides costumers and consumers a variety of products or merchandises of great quality with very reasonable costs. You can shop for things you need for home improvement such as appliances, kitchen wares, window treatments, furniture, bedroom décor, electronics, garden tools and all other home décor materials and home care equipment. If you like redecorating and changing colors in your home’s bedrooms, you will find a variety of bedding sets, comforters and bed skirts with different designs and styles and then match it off with the same style and color with the pillow covers. You can simply find most of your home design needs in Kohl’s department store.

If you are looking for on the top fashion trends for men and women, Kohl offers a great deal of trending clothes of different clothing types, sizes and colours like dresses, formal wears or office attires, workout clothes, swim wear, shirts, pants, sweaters, coats and jackets, and sleep wear. The same thing goes with the shoes and bags, you can spot multiple designs from well-known brands or designers and to top the look, pair them with trend-setting accessories, such as jewelleries and watches, to create the perfect outfit for you. If what you are looking for is for kids and babies, the store provides clothes, shoes and toys for them that are non-hazardous to ensure the safety of your kids or babies.

Kohl’s availability is not only limited to states where you can find the department stores, it also provides and satisfies the need of consumers to all parts of the world. Kohl has been offering online shopping for more than 10 years now and has attracted to about 60 million visitors annually. You can go to their website www.kohls.com and find everything you need and want to purchase. The store also offers discounts and promos for online shoppers, a great deal and purchase with less effort because you can simply search for the things you need provided with images of different colours and sizes you can choose from. According to their online shopping policy the customers can actually return any item, anytime, for whatever cause or reason and that makes it hassle-free for customers as well. Kohl also has a facebook account where you can look up for cool new trends, special offers and brands that most customers love being featured on the page. You can read the comments and feedbacks of other customers around the world and if you like what you see, you can like, comment and share the featured image. Kohl updates their facebook page daily so online customers are assured that they feature the coolest and latest trends and make online shopping fresh and fun.

Apart from guaranteeing satisfaction to the customers, one of the missions Kohl’s is to continue promoting a “Green Environment”. In 2009, kohls.com Company was ranked 18th in Newsweek magazine’s Green Rankings, an environmental track record, out of the 500 large corporations worldwide. The magazine also made a remark that the Kohl has the largest solar power program compared to other retailers globally, pursuing a green building certification for the good of the customers and also to other people as well. The company has started selling shopping bags that are reusable since 2008. In line with this, Kohl has become the founding member of the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety.


  1. Pedro says:

    How do I know that my payment has been received?

    • Admin says:

      You can view this information in “account snapshot” signing in to your kohls.com account. It takes 24 hours for the transactions to be updated on the website once your account has been posted. However if the transaction was made after 7pm Central time, it may even take up to 48 hours for it to appear on your online account. You can view the pending payments by navigating to “View Schedule Payments” under the payment tab. You can also contact the Kohl’s Customer representatives any time of the day at (855) 564-5748 to find out if you have received the payment.

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